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Well not everyone needs to wear face makeup! I have extremely clear and even skin so why weigh my skin down with foundation just to wear eye makeup?


Ofcourse! But other people would look soo good with a little concealer or blush or something u feel me

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Prom/Special Occaison Makeup 101

so i’ve gotten TONS of questions regarding makeup for prom and because i don’t have time, I’m hoping that this post helps all of you guys and remember that this isn’t only for prom, i’d wear any of these to any special occasion too :)

look 1: matte neutral cut crease with winged eyeliner
look 2 (warm): matte earth toned (reds, orange) brown smoky eye with gold center of lids
look 3 (cool): matte taupe (purpley, grey) toned smoky eye with silver center of lids
look 4: dark brown/black smoky eye blended with warm or cool toned browns
look 5: shimmery browns smoked out and dark eyeliner on bottom blended with dark brown
look 6: any color on lid (match it to your dress maybe) and matte browns in crease, dark brown/black in outer v
look 7: medium matte brown on lid blended, winged eyeliner and any color on lower lash line
look 8: wing eyeliner blended with matte dark brown and black eyeshadow
look 9: neutral eyes with glitter eyeliner on top of regular eyeliner 


• if your dress is a warm color (like orange, pink, red, peach, gold, etc) then i recommend a blush that has a similar undertone to it so corals, peaches, warm bronze, warm pinks

• and if your dress is more green, blue, navy, silver, purple etc i recommend blue toned pinks, mauve, soft plums

• sticking to a rosy shade would be safe choice if you’re skeptical about blush

• if your eyes are shimmery go for a matte blush, and viceversa

• if you used a lot of colors on your eyes, or have a bright dress i recommend glossy nude lips 

• if you went dark on the eyes, i recommend a MLBB lipstick (medium pinks, muted roses, muted reds, soft mauves)

• if you’re wearing neutral or no eyeshadow, and a dress that isn’t so bright, i recommend bold lips like reds, vampy shades, fuschia, etc

if you have any specific questions please ask :)))

What are some make up ideas for a silver dress, pale skin, and black hair? I have no idea if you need all of that, but I gave it anyways.


• dark brown smoky eye
• matte black smoky eye blended with warm browns and silver on very center of lids
• neutral matte cut crease with winged eyeliner and dark brown smudged/blended on lower lashline
• lots of lashes with a very light shimmery inner corner highlight

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What is your makeup pet peeves?


• Brows that aren’t “done” (especially when someone has every makeup product/step on BUT NOT THEIR BROWS)
• Contour that’s placed too low under the cheek bones
• Wearing eye makeup but no face makeup so it just doesn’t look nice i dunno (like why???)
• When people wear eyeliner but no mascara (lol why????????)

Those are probably my top 4 that I see often

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What do you recommend for reducing puffiness around your eyes?


I know that cooling a spoon for a bit in the fridge or freezer and then literally placing it on your eye area reduces puffiness.
You can also cool a slice of cucumber and do the same!

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What's a good prom makeup look for someone with medium/tan skin (NARS Barcelona foundation is my color) and very dark brown hair and eyes wearing a coralish/soft apricot colored dress with some white/pearly detailing? I want to go more towards the neutral colored side for the eyes


• matte neutral cut crease with winged eyeliner
• shimmery light color on lid and matte brown crease
• light warm browns smoked out
• matte brown smoky eye with a hint of champagne on lids

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Sorry for 'shouting' There's so many brands and I don't want to try every brand out My skin type is combination to dry and I want sheer coverage. So what would you recommend ?


• smashbox bb cream

• nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer

• bobbi brown skin foundation

• benefit hello flawless foundation

• mac matchmaster foundation

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