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Any drugstore primers you would recommend for someone with large pores and combination skin


also the maybelline baby skin!

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Best highlighter that is the same as whisper of gilt? X


cheaper alternative!

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any lip colors like the ones Kylie Jenner wears ? 😊


i have 3 posts on that! :)

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How do the nyx soft matte lip creams apply? Are they shear or like lipstick?


They’re very opaque, smooth and matte :)

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Hi ! I seriously love your blog and even though I never asked anything from you, I've been reading your posts every time and I learned a lot from you ! I'm still wondering if you have a mascara recommendation for Asian eyelashes (straight, doesn't hold a curl, short and downward-pointing) ? Thank you so much sweetie ! :D


Aww thank you! That means so much to me :)

I have the exact same problem as you!

My favorite mascaras (perfect for short, straight lashes):

Waterproof mascaras that really hold a curl:

and tips on making your lashes super curled and help maintain that throughout the day: 

also some general eyelash tips:

hope this helps!

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Do you know any dupes for macs Brave lipstick?


it’s all here! :)

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