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I bought the NARS creamy concealer under your recommendation!! LOVE IT! great for blemishes and under the eyes! thanks so much<3


Yay! It’s my all time favorite concealer :) glad you like it!

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Is Macs "whisper of guilt" limited edition or can I buy it anytime?


It’s limited edition :(
I have a dupe of it if you go to “dupes” on my blog though

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lol it's all good! I understand :)



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Kylie's lip products are more blue/violet undertoned while that color you posted is more orange/peachy undertoned, it's a good deep pink just not really what she wears


it’s the lighting and i didn’t post a picture with me wearing it because i’m breaking out right now lol

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casually waiting for you to answer my ask lol :)


Ahh sorry! I have so many questions I need to answer :/

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Applying makeup on the set of Maleficent.
Posted 3 days ago 109 notes REBLOGFound a Kylie Jenner lip color! Revlon matte balm in Sultry
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