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Can you explain to me all about primer; what it is? What it does? How is it helpful? Where should it be placed? Ect. Thank you!


Face primer is basically the pre-makeup. 
Just like an eyeshadow primer, it helps make your face makeup last. It also creates a smoother surface on your skin for your foundation. 
They should generally be placed everywhere mainly focused in the center area of your face. 

Not only “regular” primers, there are different kinds of primers like pore minimizing, mattifying, illuminating, bronzing, and color correcting so you can find the perfect primer for your specific skin type!

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What is bb cream used for exactly? And how should it be used?


It’s mainly used 2 ways
1. as a foundation
obviously it won’t give you a flawless ‘laura mercier silk creme’ finish but it’s good for lazy days or if you just want a natural coverage

2. as a base
it’s hydrating, has SPF and makes your skin feel smoother so if you want extra coverage you can wear this under your foundation

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hello! i recently bought a black eyeshadow with purple sparkles (occult classic by lunatick labs cosmetics, very similar to mac's young punk) and whatever i do the sparkles doesn't show. any recommendations to how to make them show? any toturials to looks with this kind of eyeshadow?


• try applying it wet 
• tap it on with your fingers on top of a black base (could be a creamy pencil eyeliner)

you could wear it all over the lid but blended out with some matte shades to get a really cool smoky look!

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Hi there, I was just wondering if you could recommend some good highstreet (drugstore) foundations or concealers? (I'm very fair, but with a yellowish undertone, and normal skin type) Thank you, your blog is lovely xxx


You can check out my foundation 101 post (which has drugstore foundations included) 
And my concealer 101 post

thank you :))

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